SCHMALZ Vacuum Handling Systems

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J. Schmalz GmbH of Germany is the world leader in load handling, lifting and clamping solutions.

SCHMALZ vacuum systems allow loads to be handled faster and more securely while protecting the materials and your employees. Whether in the production and storage facilities, in goods receiving or shipping areas–whether they are bags, boxes, barrels, drums, bales, glass/wood panels, metal sheets, machine components, etc.–SCHMALZ does the job smoothly and efficiently.

Users of SCHMALZ in a wide variety of industries around the world enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Gentle, safe handling that minimizes waste and damage
  • Ergonomic operation that reduces strain on workers
  • Enables high precision positioning of components during machine loading
  • Durable, long service life even in hazardous or potentially explosive environments

Visit the Schmalz website for more information about vacuum handling systems.

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Schmalz Vacuum Lifter

Schmalz Vacuum Lifter

Schmalz Vacuum Lifter